Naomi Osaka shares thoughts on horrifying moment when Daria Saville went down

Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka admitted that she “got really scared” after realizing that Daria Saville was in great pain after sustaining what looked to be a serious left knee injury. In the second game of their Tokyo first round match, Saville crushed onto the court after a forehand and was heard screaming “my knee.”


After realizing that Saville was down severely injured, Osaka rushed across the other side of the net to assist Saville. After receiving a medical intervention, Saville retired the match. “I thought that she was just yelling because she thought her forehand was out, then I realised that she was yelling because she was in pain,” Osaka said.

“Then I got really scared because I felt like as athletes we have a pretty high pain tolerance. It seemed really bad”.

Osaka’s losing streak ends

After losing four consecutive matches – of which three were in first rounds – Osaka has finally ended her losing streak.

But Osaka refused to celebrate or be happy about as she acknowledged that it didn’t feel like a victory for her. Osaka kept it very respectful toward Saville after the match. “Right now, it still feels a bit weird that I just won a match — I feel like I didn’t win a match,” Osaka admitted.

“I guess that I did and I’m progressing through the tournament. I’m not really thinking too much about the final right now”. Meanwhile, Osaka plays Beatriz Haddad Maia in the Tokyo round-of-16. Osaka and Haddad Maia will be clashing for the first time on the main level.

In 2015 – when they were still teenagers – Osaka defeated Haddad Maia in the qualifying event of a Futures event. In Tokyo, Osaka is a two-time finalist. It remains to be seen if Osaka can beat Haddad Maia and potentially make another deep run in the Japanese capital.

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